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I think actually being involved with The Dark One would grate on Toph, and I can’t imagine her messing around with him for any reason except trying for a baby.  But Huan’s face, physique, and demeanor imply that Grandma may have made just such a calculated move.

However, here are some other factors to take into account:  First, the apparent resemblance to The Dark One could actually be a resemblance to Baatar (who’s similarly tall, lean, and saturnine-looking).  Secondly, if one had to imagine the hypothetical daughter of Toph and Haru with a strong family resemblance to Daddy, the result would probably look eerily like Su. ”

I can’t imagine the dark one with toph too! Their characters don’t matched.. unless the dark one composed some poems about toph and won her heart.

I thought toph and satoru from the rift are a good couple. Damn this episode sunk my ship before it can set sail. Now I hope that the 2 fathers do not belonged to any characters which we know of.

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Lin's Issue


So we all know that Lin and Suyin had less than ideal childhoods. Korra’s comment at the end leads us to believe that Lin’s cold behavior is due to her being a “bitter, lonely woman” who is single and has no children. But like I said in a previous post, that is only what Korra sees. I think Lin’s…

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Atla and Tlok Characters


So to clarify in the Legend of Korra:

  • Katara is alive
  • Zuko is alive but no longer fire lord
  • Aang is deceased
  • Sokka is deceased
  • Iroh is deceased and in the spirit world in tlok
  • Toph is on some magical self discovery journey and may or may not be alive

And the following characters are unknown:

  • Suki
  • Mai
  • Tylee
  • Azula

It’s safe to say that I still have some questions…. including WHAT HAPPENED WITH ZUKO AND HIS MOM?!?

go read the search.

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Okay, so


We know that in LoK Aang, Toph, Zuko and Sokka have statues:

But have I just missed the discussions and posts, since I don’t seem to get why are we not talking about this:


we had talked about this like two years ago

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Why do people still want Sokka to be Su Yin’s father? She said neither of them knew their dads, so if Tokka was a thing, Sokka was a shitty father. I wouldn’t fight too hard to make that canon.

nor zuko. zuko has honour thing going

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so toph is a single mother to 2 daughters with different fathers. Now I keep hearing her saying that she carries her own weight in my mind.

i hope that the emo arty farty grandson is not an indication that toph made out with that emo poet student!

“oh you take after your grandpa, the dark one.”

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